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RIBO is the self-regulatory body for insurance brokers in Ontario. Established in October 1981, RIBO regulates the licensing, professional competence, ethical conduct, and insurance related financial obligations of all independent general insurance brokers in the province.

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Homeowner Insurance

At Lambertus Insurance, our history and friendly customer service means insurance you can trust. Broad protection, plus affordable rates, and outstanding service are all provided with our Homeowner Policies.

The proper Homeowners Policy will offer protection for your dwelling, as well as your personal possessions and personal liability.

Protect your property against loss or damage from a number of specified causes, such as:
  • Fire or Lightning
  • Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet
  • Windstorm or Hail
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Water Damage
  • Vandalism or Malicious Acts

One of our customer service representatives would gladly discuss your options with you.

Cottage and Seasonal Home Insurance

Getting insurance for your cottage or seasonal home can be challenging if you are not looking to insure your primary home as well. Since cottages and other seasonal homes are often unoccupied, these properties are more prone to theft and vandalism. As well, they are frequently located far from fire halls, and if there was a fire, the property is more likely to suffer a total loss.
Due to these considerations, many companies are unwilling to cover your cottage or seasonal home on a standalone basis, however, most will provide coverage as an extension of your primary home insurance package. Cottages or seasonal homes are therefore generally listed on your primary home insurance policy as a "Secondary" or "Seasonal" property.
The benefits of insuring your cottage and primary residence together are that you pay less of a liability premium on each property and are often eligible for a multi-policy discount.

One of our customer service representatives would gladly discuss your options with you.

Farm Insurance

Why Insure my Farm?
Insuring your farm makes good business sense as you want to protect your livelihood not only for yourself but perhaps for your next generation. Your policy can include coverage for your dwelling and contents as well as farm buildings, produce, livestock, machinery and equipment, as well as liability.

As each farm is unique your coverages will be unique as well.

Please contact us as it is wise to consult your broker to ensure all aspects of your farm business are addressed.

Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance is coverage for your personal property in the dwelling that you rent. Too many renters do not think about coverage for their personal property until it is too late. If you rent, what would happen to you if there was a fire that damaged or destroyed your personal property? It could be financially devastating to lose all of your possessions.

Tenant Insurance policies cover your personal property and provide money for additional living expenses that might arise as a result of a fire or other covered loss. Beyond fire, other risks (normally called perils) include:
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Water damage
  • Vandalism and malicious acts
  • Theft
Tenant Insurance ranges widely in price depending on several factors including:
  • The type of building you occupy
  • How much coverage you choose
  • What company you are insured with
  • What your deductible is
  • Where you live
  • If you have had any claims
  • Your age
  • If you rent, and don’t have renters insurance yet, do not hesitate to get this important coverage. Tenant packages range widely in price.

    One of our customer service representatives would gladly discuss your options with you.




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